Animal Crossing: New Leaf Patterns

A bunch of Animal Crossing patterns I've found and like.


A page with a bunch of website buttons, the things that are in my footer. This page is inspired by A.N. Lucas' page button collection, with the main difference being that those are from 90's and early 2000's websites whereas my collection is (mainly) from more modern websites, but still might have older buttons thrown in.

Cool Websites

A list of a bunch of websites I think are neat or interesting in some way.


A bunch of neat programs and files you can download.


Stupid extra pages that I toss together while bored. Has auto-playing audio.

Words of Wisdom

A bunch of weird, funny or strange quotes I find on the internet, which I update multiple times per day.
Clickling on the chicken GIF at the bottom of the page will bring you back here.


Ring Suzune and the Disappearance of Vocaloid Next

A little write-up about Ring Suzune, a lost VOCALOID voicebank.

Vocalsynth Voicebank of the Month Archives

This was supposed to be a thing where I wrote one review of a VOCALOID or something a month, but I very quickly abandoned it.